REPONSE Question E-000975-16 de Pavel Poc (S&D) - Conférence finale « Action préparatoire : ressources génétiques végétales et animales de l’UE »

Niveau juridique : Union européenne

  • la date retenue de cette Conférence finale « Action préparatoire : ressources génétiques végétales et animales de l’UE » est le 9-06, en même temps qu’une session du parlement européen à Strasbourg. Le député s’interroge donc pour savoir pourquoi une autre date n’a pas été retenue afin de permettre la participation des députés.

  • Texte de la question (uniquement en anglais) du 2-02-2016

The implementation of the preparatory action on EU plant and animal genetic resources (GR) in agriculture, which was supported by Parliament and launched by the Commission in 2014, is coming to its final phase. This two-year project is aimed at several crucial aspects of GR in agriculture, such as delivering inputs on how to improve communication, knowledge exchange and networking among all stakeholders interested in activities related to the conservation of GR in agriculture in all 28 Member States.

According to the tender specifications of the preparatory action, the contractor must organise a final validation and dissemination conference to present the findings, results and recommendations. This conference should bring together a wide range of relevant actors involved in GR-related issues at EU, national, regional, and/or local level.

Unfortunately, it seems the consortium and the Commission have decided to hold the conference in Brussels on 9 June 2016 during a Strasbourg plenary session. Given that this significant event will shape the future of agricultural biodiversity policies in Europe but that its timing clearly prohibits Members of the European Parliament from attending, I would like to know the reasons for this decision.

  • Réponse donnée le 18-03-2016 par Mr Hogan au nom de la Commission

The final conference will present the results of the preparatory action. Of course, the Commission appreciates that the European Parliament has a plenary session in Strasbourg that week, making it difficult for interested Members to attend. Unfortunately, the availability of suitable premises to organise such events is very limited in June 2016. The conference is primarily meant to discuss and validate the results of the preparatory action with the relevant stakeholders at local, regional and national level. But, of course, the participation of Members of the European Parliament is always welcome. Following the conference, the report will be distributed to all interested parties, including Members of the European Parliament.