Conseil de l’UE : Information de la délégation des Pays-Bas à propos de la décision de la Chambre de recours technique de l’Office européen des brevets sur la brevetabilité des plantes issues de procédés essentiellement biologiques

Niveau juridique : Union européenne

Lors de la réunion du Conseil de l’UE du 18 mars prochain (formation Agriculture et Pêche), les ministres discuteront notamment de la décision de la chambre de recours technique de l’OEB en matière de brevetabilité des produits issus de procédés essentiellement biologiques (voir fiche veille ici). La délégation des Pays-Bas a transmis une note d’information au Conseil en vue de la discussion sur ce point.

 »Information note from the Netherlands delegation

The Netherlands would like to draw the attention of the Council to a recent decision (T 1063/18) by the Technical Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO). In this decision of the 5th of December 2018 the Technical Board of Appeal ruled that a product resulting from traditional plant breeding can be patentable.

In the past years a lot of effort was put into the debate concerning the patentability of products of essentially biological processes, resulting in the interpretative Notice (2016/ C 411/03) from the European Commission in November 2016, supported by both Council and the European Parliament.

In this Notice, that was implemented by the EPO in rule 28(2) of the Implementing Regulations in July 2017, the Commission stated that according to the intention of the legislator of the Biotech directive (98/44/EG) (implemented in article 53(b) of the European Patent Convention), the products of essentially biological processes should not be patentable.

The Netherlands still fully supports this interpretation and therefore asks the European Commission and other Member States to continue advocating this interpretation both within the European Union as well as within the European Patent Office. »

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