[REPONSE] Commission européenne, Question écrite à la Commission E-003247/2023 de César Luena (S&D) du 3 novembre 2023 – Budget de l’UE pour la biodiversité

Niveau juridique : Union européenne

Texte de la question :

« In line with the European Green Deal, the Parliament, the Council and the Commission decided in an interinstitutional agreement that biodiversity should be mainstreamed in EU programmes to allocate at least 7.5 % of annual spending to biodiversity objectives in 2024 and 10 % in 2026 and 2027[1]. The Commission has already declared that these figures will not be reached.

Given the above:

1.What does the Commission think that Member States can do to bridge the current funding gap?

2.How is the Commission going to make the objective of allocating 10 % of annual EU spending to biodiversity a reality? »

Réponse donnée par Mr Hahn au nom de la Commission le 14 février 2024

« While the EU biodiversity target of 7.5% annual spending under the current multiannual financial framework (MFF) is on track to be met for 2024, it is expected that the 10% target will not be met in 2026 and 2027, reaching only 8.5%.

The Commission has presented this estimate in the mid-term review of the MFF [1] and has called on Member States to dedicate sufficient funding to biodiversity in the context of common agricultural policy (CAP) and cohesion policy funds.

Contributing to biodiversity is among the objectives of the CAP and this was stressed in the Commission recommendations to Member States for the preparation of their CAP Strategic Plans.

Moreover, t he Commission reached out to all Member States urging them to fully exploit the amounts available for biodiversity in the programming of the cohesion policy funds, offering specific examples of projects that could be financed. The Commission will continue to assist Member States in this endeavour.

In addition, the new ‘Green Assist’ initiative [2] under the Programme for the Environment and Climate action (LIFE) [3] will support capacity building and investment readiness within the framework of the InvestEU programme, with the aim of building a pipeline of projects with high potential biodiversity impact.

While around 90% of the EU biodiversity funding comes from shared management funds, the Commission is also aiming at increasing the biodiversity spending of the direct management programmes.

Compared to the 2014-2020 period, the Horizon Europe programme [4] has doubled its contribution; the external action programmes have more than doubled it, and the LIFE programme has increased it from EUR 1.7 to 2.7 billion. »

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