Commission européenne, Compte rendu de la réunion du comité permanent « Plants, animals, food and feed » , section semences et matériel de reproduction pour l’agriculture et l’horticulture, du 19 avril 2018, sante.ddg2.g.5(2018)2810500

Niveau juridique : Union européenne

On notera les items suivant :

  • A.04 Exchange of views on maintenance breeding of varieties and best practices applied in the Member States.

  • A.07 Update on the Commission/CPVO project on a unique EU IT System on plant varieties.

  • A.09 Follow-up of OECD Seed Scheme matters.

  • A.10 Update on Nagoya Protocol guidance for the breeding sector.

  • M.01

« (…)Two delegates requested about the Commission’s intention to organise a joint Working Group meeting for plant reproductive material (PRM) and plant health experts to discuss the implementation of the new Plant Health Regulation in relation to the position of the quality pests/RNQP and the new plant passport requirement for seeds.

One delegate asked about issuing official label/plant passport as the rules are different under the respective basic legislations (under PRM Directives competent authority issues, under PH Regulation supplier issues) and another delegate on EU equivalence, controls and sharing of seed lots according to OECD Seed Schemes rules. The Commission informed that it will organise the joint meeting on 22 May 2018, legal analyses are being carried out and any questions in writing are welcome by 13 May 2018. The received questions will be shared on CIRCABC for both PRM and plant health experts.

CPVO informed that its Administrative Council agreed in the meeting of March this year on the revised CPVO Guidelines and Explanatory Note on variety denominations on the basis of the proposals of the respective CPVO Working Group.The intention is that the revised CPVO Guidelines enter into force once the Commission Regulation 637/2009/EC establishing implementing rules as to the suitability of the denominations of varieties of agricultural plant species and vegetable species has been amended and is applicable. CPVO informed about revised and new test protocols: for agricultural crops 2 revisions and one new for hemp and for vegetable species 7 revisions and one new on chicory.The Commission will present an update of the lists of testing protocols (Commission Directives 2003/90/EC and 2003/91/EC)for vote in autumn. »

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