Molecular phylogeny of the genus Triticum L.

K. A. Golovnina, S. A. Glushkov, A. G. Blinov, V. I. Mayorov, L. R. Adkison, N. P. Goncharov,

Etude phylogénétique des blés et espèces apparentées.

The genus Triticum L. includes the major cereal crop, common or bread wheat

(hexaploid Triticum aestivum L.), and other important cultivated species. Here, we conducted a phylogenetic analysis of all known wheat species and the closely related Aegilops species. This analysis was based on chloroplast matK gene

comparison along with trnL intron sequences of some species. Polyploid wheat species are successfully divided only into two groups – Emmer

(sections Dicoccoides and Triticum) and Timopheevii (section Timopheevii). Results reveal strictly maternal plastid inheritance of synthetic wheat

amphiploids included in the study. A concordance of chloroplast origin with the definite nuclear genomes of polyploid species that were inherited at the last hybridization events was found. Our analysis suggests that there were two ancestral representatives of Aegilops speltoides Tausch that participated in the speciation of polyploid wheats with B and G genome in their genome composition.

However, G genome species are younger in evolution than ones with B genome. B genomespecific PCR primers were developed for amplification of Acc-1 gene.

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K. A. Golovnina1, S. A. Glushkov1, A. G. Blinov1, V. I. Mayorov2, L. R. Adkison2, and;N. P. Goncharov1;1Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk,;Russia;2Mercer University School of Medicine, Macon GA, USA;Received April 11, 2006; accepted September 6, 2006;Published online: February 12, 2007;Springer-Verlag 2007