[REPONSE] UE, Parlement européen, Question écrite E-000438/2023 de Michaela Šojdrová (PPE) - Législation relative aux végétaux produits à l’aide de certaines nouvelles techniques génomiques, 13.2.2023

Niveau juridique : Union européenne

Texte de la question :

« In order to enable innovation in the agri-food system and contribute to the goals of the European Green Deal and the Farm to Fork strategy, the Commission has committed to proposing a legal framework for plants produced using targeted mutagenesis and cisgenesis and for their food and feed products. The feedback period and consultation period are now closed and the Commission has committed to proposing a regulation in the first half of 2023.

1.When will the impact assessment be published?

2.Which individuals or companies are conducting the impact assessment?

3.What date is currently envisaged for the publication of the proposal for a regulation on new genomic techniques? »

Réponse donnée par Ms Kyriakides au nom de la Commission européenne le 29 mars 2023

« 1. The impact assessment will be published alongside the legislative proposal following adoption by the Commission. It will be transmitted to the European Parliament together with the proposal.

2. The impact assessment is a staff working document prepared by the Commission. The impact assessment will take into account all relevant sources of information, including drawing on the findings of a study conducted by an external contractor.

3. The Commission is indicatively planning to adopt the proposal in June 2023. »

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