OEB, 172ème réunion du conseil d’administration de l’office européen des brevets, Munich, 13 octobre 2022 – Communiqué de l’OEG

Niveau juridique : Union européenne

Extraits choisis :

« The Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation held its 172nd meeting in Munich on 13 October under its Chairperson Josef KRATOCHVÍL (CZ) in a hybrid format.

At the opening of the meeting, the Council together with the President of the Office warmly welcomed Montenegro as the 39th member state of the European Patent Organisation. A flag raising ceremony followed outside the EPO’s buildings in Munich and The Hague.

The Council was subsequently presented with the Office’s activities report featuring  a goal by goal update on the achievements and key developments  to date in 2022. The Council also noted the management report of the President of the Boards of Appeal (BoA) for 2022 and warmly thanked the Office’s staff for their outstanding efforts. (…)

An update on Unitary Patent (UP) protection was then presented by the Chairperson of the Select Committee. More information on recent achievements, as well as the remaining steps to be taken prior to the UP’s launch, is available in the Communiqué of the Select Committee, which held its latest meeting on 14 October 2022. (…) »

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