[REPONSE] Parlement européen, Question avec demande de réponse écrite E-002320/2022 de Tom Vandenkendelaere (PPE), 28 juin 2022 – Organe scientifique consultatif sur la politique agricole

Niveau juridique : Union européenne

Texte de la question :

« In its answer to question E-001383/2022, the Commission pointed to the role of the Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR), which is particularly useful in setting the agenda for agricultural research and advisory services in the EU. However, a scientific consultative body qualified to assess the problems facing agriculture is also needed to advise on responses to current challenges in this sector. Indeed, such expert advice is singularly lacking compared with the work being done by EFSA in the field of food safety.

1. Does the Commission agree that a European scientific advisory body is needed to fill this gap by providing expert guidance in the field of agricultural policy ?

2. Will it proceed to set up such a body ? »

Réponse donnée par M. Wojciechowski au nom de la Commission européenne :

«  The Commission assigns high importance to scientific advice on issues related to agriculture. This is key to ensure the design and implementation of evidence-based policies. Scientific advice is provided by the Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR) on research agendas and strategic issues. In addition, the Scientific Advisory Mechanism (SAM) provides independent, high quality scientific advice on a variety of topics of relevance to EU policy.

Furthermore, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) is the Commission science and knowledge service. The JRC carries out research in order to provide independent scientific advice and support to EU policy.

The Commission considers that the SCAR, the SAM and the JRC provide a comprehensive scientific assessment of problems facing agriculture as well as scientific advice of high quality. Therefore the Commission is not of the opinion that it would be necessary to set up another scientific advisory body.  »

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