[REPONSE] Parlement européen, Question E-006935/2020 avec demande de réponse écrite à la Commission de Daniel Buda (PPE) du 17 décembre 2020 - Agriculture 2.0 (Réponse publiée le 19/03/2021)

Niveau juridique : Union européenne

Texte de la question :

« Today more than ever, the impact of extreme weather events on human activity is increasingly clear to see. All segments of the agriculture industry are being directly affected by these phenomena, whose effects cannot be minimalised.

European farmers are open to using weather stations on their land if these can help them decide when is the right time to treat or spray their crops based on the air temperature and air and soil humidity. Pest traps controlled by mobile devices are the latest innovation in agriculture technologies. These enable the condition the crops are in and the pests to be visualised directly on electronic devices.

Weather information is important for the economy in general and for the agricultural sector in particular since the quality of crops depends on it. The majority of farmers would like to make their work easier, but do not have the means to do so.

What tools does the Commission have at its disposal to develop the various mechanisms and assistance that will enable farmers to access these technologies more easily? »

Réponse de Mr Wojciechowski au nom de la Commission :

« Digital and data technologies are crucial to increase the resilience and sustainability of agriculture. Legal, strategic and investment initiatives under the Digital and Data strategies1, the Multi-annual Financial Framework for 2021-27 and the Recovery and Resilience Facility can support development and deployment of these technologies, including in agriculture. Member States could programme such investments in 2021/22 Rural Development Programmes. For the Common Agricultural Policy post-2020, digitalisation will be a key element of the cross-cutting objective of modernising the sector by fostering and sharing knowledge, innovation and digitalisation in agriculture and rural areas. The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development will support the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability and investment projects on technological development and digitalisation. The Research and Innovation Programme ‘Horizon Europe’ will provide for instruments in the field of digitalisation and data technologies in agriculture.Under the Digital Europe Programme, in the field of agri-food, Digital Innovation Hubs, Testing and Experimentation Facilities for Artificial Intelligence and a Common European Agriculture Data Space will be supported to boost the digital transformation of the agricultural sector. Digital Innovation Hubs in agri-food are, and will be, crucial to harvest the innovation potential of start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises. »

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