[REPONSE] Parlement européen, Question E-006977/2020(ASW) avec demande de réponse écrite à la Commission de Jörgen Warborn (PPE) du 18 décembre 2020 - Communication de la Commission sur l’amélioration de la réglementation (Réponse publiée le 9 mars 2021)

Niveau juridique : Union européenne

Texte de la question :

« Parliament has now adopted its position on the SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) Strategy, in which it urges the Commission to adopt a roadmap with concrete and binding targets for better regulation:

‘Calls therefore on the Member States and the Commission to acknowledge the need for better regulation and simplification and to adopt a roadmap with concrete and binding targets and indicators as an important prerequisite for our economy’s ability to recover and innovate, and for the safeguarding of EU companies’ competitiveness; notes that several Member States have set quantitative targets of up to 30 % for the reduction of administrative burden and calls on the Commission to set ambitious and binding quantitative and qualitative targets at EU level for the reduction of administrative burdens…’.

The Commission’s commitment to introduce the ‘one‑in, one‑out’ principle is a good start, but it merely maintains the status quo. It is of utmost importance to reduce the administrative burden for SMEs in order to pave the way for the regrowth and rebuilding of the EU economy and EU competitiveness.

As the communication on better regulation has yet again been postponed, could the Commission say when it is planning to publish it? »

Réponse du Vice-Président Šefčovič au nom de la Commission :

« Evidence-based and transparent policymaking through Better Regulation is an integral part of the Commission decision-making process.

The Commission strengthened its commitment to Better Regulation to ensure that regulation is targeted, easy to comply with and does not add unnecessary regulatory burden. It wants to send a clear signal to citizens that Commission policies and proposals deliver and make life easier for people and businesses.

The Commission is introducing the ‘One-in, One-out’ approach(1), which aims to ensure that EU regulation is targeted, easy to comply with and does not add unnecessary regulatory burden.

At the same time, through REFIT(2), the Commission looks back at the existing stock of legislation for possible burden reductions both when evaluating legislation and when revising it. In all this work, the Commission does not focus on costs only. It looks at the quality of legislation more broadly and at the benefits that it brings to society.

To step up burden reduction and simplification efforts and make the process even more inclusive, the Commission has set up a high-level expert group, the Fit for Future Platform (F4F)(3) to help the Commission identify existing EU legislation that can be simplified and made more efficient.

The EU SME envoy will help shape the annual work programme of F4F and identify legislation that is particularly burdensome for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The upcoming Better Regulation Communication is currently under preparation and will be adopted soon. It will introduce changes that reflect the findings of the 2019 Better regulation stocktaking exercise and explain the vision of the Commission on issues such as the application of the ‘One-in, One-out’ approach and foresight. »

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