[REPONSE] Parlement Européen -Question E-003607-18 de Georgios Epitideios - Variétés locales de vins grecques et traditions culturelles

Niveau juridique : Union européenne

Texte de la question :

« It has been reported that three Greek and Bulgarian research institutions, led by the Agricultural University of Athens, are conducting research in Pangeon, Soufli, Haskovo and Kirkovo, as part of the ‘Interreg’ interregional programme, using tradition and mythology to promote the identity of local wine varieties. To this end, they are trying to promote elements which are superior to those of Western Europe, and make aesthetic and gustatory interventions to improve the overall quality and benefit producers.

Can the Commission say:

If it is possible to conduct relevant research and study into other wine-producing regions in Greece?

Could such programmes also be implemented for other products in different Greek regions? »

Réponse donnée par Ms Creţu au nom de la Commission

« The programme Interreg V between Greece and Bulgaria is indeed funding the project DIONYSOS (Developing Identity ON Yield, SOil and Site) in Thrace and the Thracian Valley. This project aims mainly to develop oenotourism by highlighting the historical and cultural links between the region and wine. It also aims at cultivating old vine varieties to preserve biodiversity.

Research and studies on wine issues in Greece can be conducted and if EU funds are needed, there are several possibilities: in particular from the European Regional Development Fund for Greece, Interreg (with partners in other countries) or Horizon 2020 (focusing on research). Support from the European Fund for Strategic Investments is also available.

Investing in regional economies through focusing on their competitive advantages and improving products and services through knowledge are the main pillars of the intervention logic for the European Structural and Investment Funds for the programming period 2014-2020. The wine sector has been one investment priority area for many Greek regions, while agro-food is indeed a priority for the whole country.

It is possible to develop similar projects in relation to other products than wine. If EU funds are needed, the same financing instruments already mentioned would be relevant. »

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