UE : Question écrite à la Commission de Roberta Metsola E-001307-18 – « Améliorer la promotion des bioproduits »

Niveau juridique : Union européenne

Texte de la question :

« Eurospe’s bioeconomy is worth EUR 2.2 trillion and employs a total of 18.6 million people. However, research shows that a third of the EU’s citizens are unaware of its existence.

It is evident that the EU’s citizens are unaware of the fact that the EU is the world leader in the consumption of bio-based products and is investing heavily in the sector.

Given the above, is the Commission considering improving its communication strategy on this matter, in order not only to promote the EU’s role in producing bio-based products but also to further increase the use of bio-based products across the EU? »

Réponse donnée par M. Moedas au nom de la Commission

« The bio-based sector is a highly dynamic part of the Bioeconomy. It uses renewable biological resources and/or applies bio-based processes for the production of bio-based products such as bio-based chemicals, plastics, textiles, cosmetics, pulp and paper, etc.

The Commission has been responsive to the scarce awareness of consumers and citizens on bio-based products. It supports communication actions at regional, national and EU level. The Horizon 2020 projects BioCannDo and BioVoices— with a combined EU contribution of nearly EUR 4 million — are aimed at (i) providing information, educational materials and key communication messages on bio-based products and (ii) engaging with stakeholder groups to ensure that bio-based products are better understood by citizens and meet the views and expectations of society.

The forthcoming update of the Bioeconomy Strategy(3) is expected among others, to strengthen and upscale the bio-based sectors and to support the creation of markets for novel, innovative and more sustainable and circular bioeconomy products, including through raising awareness.»

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