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UE : SUMMARY REPORT OF THE STANDING COMMITTEE ON PLANTS, ANIMALS, FOOD AND FEED HELD IN BRUSSELS ON 08 JUNE 2017 (Section Seeds and Propagating Material for Agriculture and Horticulture), sante.ddg2.g.5(2017)4135853

Niveau juridique : Union européenne

SUMMARY REPORT OF THE STANDING COMMITTEE ON PLANTS, ANIMALS, FOOD AND FEED HELD IN BRUSSELS ON 08 JUNE 2017 (Section Seeds and Propagating Material for Agriculture and Horticulture)

Extraits :

 »A 06 Commission/CPVO project on a unique EU IT System on plant varieties (presentation by CPVO).

The project intends to develop an IT system whereby a unique contribution may be used to submit national data to the Common Catalogues and CPVO’s Variety Finder. A Working Group comprising Member State experts, stakeholders, Commission and CPVO staff will elaborate the requirements for this unique EU IT system on plant varieties and follow up on the implementation of the system. A consultation on the content and functionalities will be carried out by the end of June with a deadline of end of September 2017. The next Working Group meeting will take place in the beginning of 2018.

A.07 Integration of molecular data into DUS testing (CPVO IMMODUS working group, presentation by CPVO).

A CPVO expert presented the IMMODUS Working Group as a think-tank aiming to develop a strategy on the incorporation of bio-molecular techniques (BMT) in testing of varieties on Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability (DUS) with the goal to improve the cost efficiency of testing according to the UPOV models of use (e.g. management of reference collections, characteristic related bio-molecular markers). An update on CPVOs research projects were given. The Commission recalled the discussion in the context of the OECD Seed Schemes on using BMT as supplementary method in seed certification in case of varietal identity problems and the necessary cooperation between OECD,UPOV and ISTA on e.g terminology, methods and their validation

A.08 Update on the use of common names in the Directives 2002/55/EC and 2008/72/EEC.

The Commission presented the summary and conclusions of the first Working Group meeting. The experts concluded that for most species the combination of scientific and common name provides an exhaustive description of the types of varieties. However, for some species clarification is needed and the use of the category ‘Group’ from the International Code of Nomenclature of Cultivated Plants is recommended. Member States were asked to provide comments by 30 June 2017. Before a next Working Group meeting will be convened, the Commission will coordinate with the Member States to consult stakeholders on the potential consequences of changing common names or of delisting or adding species to Directives 2002/55/EC and 2008/72/EC »

Voir aussi les points :

A.01 Presentation of an annual report from France on the organisation of a temporary experiment regarding field inspection under official supervision for basic and bred seeds prior to basic seeds.

A.02 Presentation of an annual report from the United Kingdom on the organisation of a temporary experiment providing for certain derogations for the marketing of populations of the plant species wheat, barley, oats and maize pursuant to Council Directive 66/402/EEC.

A.04 Presentation of an approach to seed fraud.

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