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UE : SUMMARY REPORT OF THE STANDING COMMITTEE ON PLANTS, ANIMALS, FOOD AND FEED HELD IN BRUSSELS ON 21 FEBRUARY 2017 (Section Seeds and Propagating Material for Agriculture and Horticulture), sante.ddg2.g.5(2017)1547360

Niveau juridique : Union européenne

SUMMARY REPORT OF THE STANDING COMMITTEE ON PLANTS, ANIMALS, FOOD AND FEED, (Section Seeds and Propagating Material for Agriculture and Horticulture)

Extraits :

 »A. 02 Exchange of views on a possible revision of the provisions on the quantitative restriction for maize seed in Commission Decision 2004/842/EC.

The delegate from Denmark presented its request to amend the quantitative restrictions for maize seed as to allow large scale tests and trials.The problem is there is a generally low maize seed production area and the quantitative restriction is laid down as percentage of the area allowing currently about 190 ha. The possibility of 10 ha as minimum would not suite the purpose.The request and the importance on adapted varieties was supported by another Member State. The Commission took note of the request.

A. 03 Presentation of data on the evolution of the number of varieties registered in the common catalogues.

The Commission presented the evolution of the number of varieties of agricultural and vegetable crops in the common catalogues.

The data show a steady annual growth and in 2016 altogether 41 362 varieties could be marketed throughout the EU. The number of new additions over the last 5 years is fairly stable, in average 1854 per year. The species with highest number of additions of new varieties in 2016 were: maize (467), wheat (232), sugar beet (155), sunflower (146), rape seed 131), barley (127), ray grass (85) and potato (70) whereby the five leading Member States were IT, FR, DE, UK and CZ.


B. 01 Exchange of views and possible opinion of the Committee on a draft Commission ImplementingDecision releasing certain Member States from the obligation to apply to certain species Council Directives 66/401/EEC, 66/402/EEC, 68/193/EEC, 1999/105/EC, 2002/54/EC, 2002/55/EC and 2002/57/EC on the marketing of fodder plant seed, cereal seed, material for the vegetative propagation of the vine, forest reproductive material, beet seed, vegetable seed and seed of oil and fibre plants respectively, and repealing Decision 2010/680/EU.

The Commission presented the text explaining that following the extension of the scope of the Directive 66/401/EEC on marketing fodder plant seed with new plant species a number of Member States requested new releases on applying the Directives and some Member States requested to update their release situation.

Vote taken: Favourable opinion

M.04 Denmark -EU legislation as regards production and marketing of seed mixture

The delegate from Denmark asked about the EU legislation as regards production and marketing of seed mixtures (species, varieties of same species)game feeding and soil improvement and for non-commercial purposes.

The Commission clarified that the Directives on marketing plant reproductive material apply irrespective of the end-user of seed, only transfer such as for testing or research (non-commercial activities purposes) are out of the scope of the Directive.  »

On notera que le Danemark a été très actif dans cette réunion, avec pas moins de 4 points portés à l’ordre du jour et une participation active de leurs délégués.

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