CR du 29-04-2016 du groupe consultatif de la chaîne alimentaire et de la santé animale et végétale auprès de la Commission Européenne

Niveau juridique : Union européenne

Ce groupe réunion la Commission Européenne et 45 structures représentant les acteurs du secteur (agriculteurs, industrie agroalimentaire,distributeurs et consommateurs, pour détails voir :

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« - New Plant Breeding Techniques – state of play

COM informed participants that work is in progress and that COM is considering

different aspects.

Comments and questions raised

ESA expressed dissatisfaction that it takes extremely long to provide guidance

although COM committed to present the document in the first quarter of 2016. ESA

asked for an update on timing.

EUROPABIO stated that it is incomprehensible that the interpretation has not been

provided yet.

COM confirmed that in the course of 2016 the document should be available.

Further to stakeholders questions as to when the document should be available

COM noted stakeholders’ dissatisfaction regarding the considerable delay and said

that hierarchy would be informed of the stakeholders’ concerns.

ECVC stated that COM should consider the opinions of bodies like ECVC or

Greenpeace when interpreting legislation on GMO. ECVC invited COM to look at

different studies before making a decision that might impact human health, plant

health and environment.

COCERAL expressed concerns on possible impact that the outcome of the decision

could have on trade, especially considering that it is currently not possible to

distinguish products in some cases depending on the breeding methods.

FESASS asked how the upcoming decision on new breeding techniques in plants

would impact the animal side.

COM noted all the comments and confirmed that the GM legislation applies to

animals and plants, so COM work is general, but since the new breeding techniques

are more advanced in plants, the majority of comments were focused on them. »