REPONSE Question E-004025-16 de Jasenko Selimovic (ALDE) - Nouvelles techniques de sélection

Niveau juridique : Union européenne

Texte de la question du 17-05-2016 : European agriculture is faced with increasing challenges and a growing need to develop new varieties. Specifically, there is a need for increased food production for a growing world population with limited resources and facing increasingly unpredictable climate change phenomena. In order to achieve this goal, more research and innovation is required with a view to developing new plant and animal varieties, which calls for, among other things, better adaptation to climate change.

New Breeding Techniques (NBTs) are very important tools for supporting innovation in the plant breeding sector and in the genetic enhancement of livestock. European farmers need access to these technological advances in order to meet the upcoming challenges and remain competitive. In addition, they may need legal certainty regarding investment in order to further develop NBTs.

What action does the Commission intend to take in order to clarify the legal status of NBTs so as to ensure an innovative agricultural sector? If it has such plans, when will it submit a communication?

  • REPONSE donnée le 14 Juillet par Mr Andriukaitis au nom de la Commission :

The Commission is reflecting on the issue of new breeding techniques. This reflection is ongoing and its outcome cannot be anticipated.

The Commission supports research and innovation in plant breeding to help deploy a range of tools and technologies which could respond to diverse societal needs in the EU, including those in the agriculture sector..